Shop pen pal candles personalized scented candle gift. Are you looking for encouragement or thank you gift? Try our personalized greeting candles a great gift for family and friends?

When you purchase a Pen Pal candle, shop with the confidence of knowing you or your family and friend are experiencing the best soy and essential oil to fill their space with the most fantastic scent handpicked by you.


(1) Send a Warm Hug Scented Candle

How to Order:

Choose Candle Size and Style + Scent + Add Personalized Details (optional) = Priceless Gift for Family and Friends

Scent Options:

Lavender & Vanilla, Spa Day, Sweet Gardenia, Wild Lemongrass, Coconut Mango, Cashmere Oats & Honey, Moroccan Mint, Palo Santo Serenity Oil, and Tahitian Vanilla.

Candle Details:

Weight: 9oz 

Burn Time: 40 Hours to 60 Hours depending on size

Wax Blend: Soy (Plant Base) with Cotton Wick

Fragrance: Custom Blend of Essential Oils

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