$24.00 USD

Aquarius Zodiac Scented Candle

Shop Aquarius personalized gifts for any occasion pick your zodiac scented candle and create lasting memories for family and friends. Customize your candle with a personal message on the back. Pick the fragrance that fits your zodiac candle.

Buy with the confidence of knowing you will experience the best soy and essential oil to fill their space with the most fantastic scent handpicked by you. 

Personalized candles are non-refundable if you would like to make changes to your order, please send a message to us as soon as possible. 


* We do not provide spell check so please make sure your personal message is correct. If you see something wrong with a personalized message after purchase, send us a message as soon as possible for correction.

Please beware of auto-correct at the time it may change spelling you did not intend to change.